Förderprojekt auf den Philippinen

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Fördersumme unserer Stiftung: 50.000 € (2014) zum Bau des Krankenhauses St. Elizabeth in Mangyan, Philippinen

Im Jahr 2014 wurde der Bau eines Krankenhauses mit 50.000€ finanziert, Das Krankenhaus erhielt wunschgemäß den gleichen Namen wie die Stiftung St. Elisabeth. Es handelt sich um eine größere Gesundheitsstation, für die indigene Bevölkerung auf den Philippinen.

Folgende Fotos und erfreuliche Berichte erhielten wir von dort aus der Gesundheitsstation:

Gingging Estacio is a 15 year old girl from the Hanunuo tribe who lives in Sitio Lagnas, San Jose. She complained about pain in the stomache, blood in her stool and sores in her eyes and mouth. After blood test and the doctor’s diagnosis was that she has stomach ulcer and allergy.

For treatment, she was given oral medicine and she got well after a  couple of weeks.

Noel Arevalo, is a 16 yrs. old student of Pamana Ka who belongs to the Buhid tribe of Danlog, San Jose. He was bitten by the dog on the leg and the Mangyan health worker brought him to the dispensary.

He was given anti rabies immunization and was able to go home after a few days at the Center.

Bong Sebastian is a nine year old boy from the Buhid tribe of Balingaso, San Jose. He was previously operated for a fracture in his thigh. He came to the Center because the wound got infected. He was given medicine by the hospital and was advised to have the wound dressed every day until it is well.

Rucenet Zabanal is an 18 year old Gubatnon from Sitio Banban, Magsaysay. There was a painful lump in her neck, she had colds and severe cough and there was blood in her stool. She was brought to the hospital for consultation. She had chest xray, blood test and urine test. The diagnosis was that all the symptoms were caused by her weak lungs. For treatment they gave her oral medicine and the lump was reduced in size but she still needs follow-up check up.